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Top Photographic Tips and Techniques for the Kgalagadi

What should you know?

The animals of the Kgalagadi have their own rules…”If you want to view or photograph us you will have to show a bit of patience.”

Any of the water holes next to the Auob and the Nossob River will reward you with what you would like to view or photograph, but this is where a bit of patience is necessary. Sit back, relax and wait. You will most certainly not be disappointed. Just bear in mind that after it rained there are pools of water in other places in the park, so this could keep the animals from visiting the regular water holes.

Leopards, owls, African Wild Cats and snakes are normally well camouflaged and you should drive slowly to spot them where they like to inhabit the shade of Camelthorn trees.

Before 8 am and after 4 pm would normally be the best times for a game drive. This is when the animals are at their most active. Qubitje Quap, just north of Nossob is a good spot to wait for birds of prey. For mid day action this is a good drive to undertake as these birds are in the habit of visiting waterholes between 11 am and 1.30 pm. Should you come across a herd of springbok looking bewildered, all facing the same direction and making noises, it normally is a good indication that there is a treat in the vicinity. Look in the same direction and the chances are good you will spot a predator approaching.

When travelling alongside a dry river bed with dunes on the opposite side, do not only focus your attention on the river bed, predators like to patrol the high ground on top of the dunes in order to have a better view when on the lookout for prey.

The sandy roads in the park leave very clear animal foot prints, especially early morning when the 4x4 traffic has not yet erased the evidence of their activities. Should you come across fresh prints, drive very slowly and have a good look around the vicinity. Game wardens are very approachable should you want to enquire about locations that are frequented by animals. Also communicate with other travellers to the park