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The competition has been incorporated into PhotographingSA photo competition with more prizes and opportunities. 

Take note that "Wildlife" becomes just a section of the overall  competition but a wildlife photo of the overall competition can still win the overall competition as it represents maybe the most popular of SA's beauty across the globe. But you can now also enter all your other wildlife images from any location in SA as well as other images in any of the sections.
Due to the costs involved in running the wildlife competition in its current format and the few photographers joining as members so far, we have to, like all other premium competitions in the world charge some entry fee to cover some costs. Therefore we want you to become a member of Joe's camera YouTube channel(that carry 95% of all the production and management costs) for the stupid price of R39.99 a month. It really is the click of a button to join or cancel. The costs of entry of a competition of this size, is on average between R300 and R400.  We request ENTRANTS to remain a member for around 10 months but will leave it up to you for how long you want to join. You can cancel after two months or just become a member the last two months its up to you. But you have to be a member at the time of selecting the winners.

Top wildlife photographer
Top photographer 2022
Click and watch the video of the annual photo awards

Scroll down for 2023 entry process, rules and prizes.

Sponsored by: Joe's camera, Kgalagadi lodge and ORMS 

Kgalagadi Wildlife Photo Competition 2023 moves over to 2024.  Note new entry details. Now automatic  part of PhotographingSA overall competition

Note that you have to subscribe and become a member of "Joe's camera" on YouTube to enter. R39 per month for the year you enter. (minimum 10 months) Its a click of a button. Also much more levels to choose from.

Scroll down for monthly finalists of 2022.

Photographers from all countries are welcome. Subscribe and become a member of "Joe's camera Membership" on YouTube level one(Loyalists) R39 per month for ten months to be able to stand in line to win prizes. Once you joined, then Email your entries of around 1 megabyte. Click here. ( ) Your benefits in becoming a member are more than the entre fee. view on membership benefits on channel and look at all levels.

You retain all rights to your photos as per the rules. Images are only used to promote these platforms to in turn benefit photographers and promote and reward their talents and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park.

Sponsored by; Kgalagadi lodge / Kgalagadi photography & Joe's Camera

New members benefits for Joe's camera are unequalled on YouTube. Include critique and selection on YouTube

Watch Joe's camera on YouTube for uploads of the kgalagadi including selection and critique VIDEOS of sentries.


R150 000 worth of prizes and the best platform to start launching the sales of your images. See below

Overall winner, Top 6 photographers gets prizes as well as Junior category, Best male lion image, Best landscape.

2024 categories
New categories for 2024
Winners will receive awards and/or prizes. There might be more than one winner per category.


Please note that we could not have 1st to 6th prize. We will have a winner and shared runner ups if we can not pick one above the other. We might also have a shared 1st place. The top prize and can come from any of these categories. Hugh Mitchler

Animal behaviour

Special animal behaviour captured. Pierre Rossouw

Arid kalahari

Images reflecting the aridness of the kgalagadi. Carel Stander

Mega predator portraits

A tribute to the big cats and hyenas. Lion, leopard and cheetah. Breame Holland


As it says. Sonia Kroon

Green kalahari

Where the landscapes or animals in the green landscapes of the kgalagadi during the rainy season. Tracey Slaven

Small ones

The small species smaller than caracal. Heste de Beer

Young ones

Young wildlife of all species. Gert Lamprecht.

Animals in landscapes

A special category where animals are just a small part of the landscape with a emphasis on landscapes. Jurgens Potgieter

Black and white

White with black or black with white. In other words black and white. Rob Kissling


Including black and white landscapes. Hugh Mitchler


Composites, artistic images through creative editing etc. image; Gerhard Theron


Any of the cultures of people in the Kgalagadi area. Image Gert Lamprecht

Enter photo competition

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Open 1 Febr 2023. Closing 2024.(Click) You spent time and money to capture the best images. You can now share them and compare them. Most of the best photographers in the world did.

Click below to enter and join as a Joe's camera member (loyalists) level 1 after you have read and agreed to the terms below. Then mail images to

There are many more membership levels with unbeatable Return on expense benefits. Check it out!

Entries Opened: 1 Feb 2023

Closing date: click here 

Prize giving event: ( exact dates to be announced later) to be advised

Entry fee: Join to become a member of Joe's camera level 1 (Loyalist) R39 per month. See exciting new levels.

What does the competition entail?
  • Take note the Kgalagadi wildlife competition is now incorporated into the larger PhotographingSA platform. All entries will automatically be entered into the overall photo competition In the wildlife and landscape categories or other relevant sections. We will select the top 30 images to go through to overall photographinSA (South Africa) competition. Click here. You can now enter your wildlife and landscape images from anywhere in SA. Please look at other categories. 

  • The 2023/4 Wildlife photographic Competition IS so far sponsored by Kgalagadi photography (web , Youtube and facebook ) and the Kgalagadi Lodge and Joe's camera YouTube channel

  • You can enter any categories above.

  • This competition launches the annual photographic celebration of the creative and unique diversity of the magical Kgalagadi and is limited to locations in, or immediately surrounding the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

  • Entering the competition is simple. Join Joe's camera on YouTube and become a level one member at least for R39 per month for the duration of the competition. As long as you are a member at the time of closing and judgement. Then send a 1 megabyte per image per email. All entries are emailed to address above . (5 per month) Heading of mail ; Kgalagadi photo competition and month and category with some information on how and where you took the image and any other information you feel might be relevant to your photograph.

  • The competition IS covered throughout the year and Monthly or bimonthly videos are produced of the selection process with critique in the form of coaching on Joe's Camera on YouTube.

Rules of the competition


  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age FOR OPEN CATEGORY. Prove will be required that entrants are duly authorized to participate in the competition.

  • Photographers from any country may enter.

  • All submissions must be the photographer’s own work and he/she must be able to supply RAW or original files when requested.

  • No submissions on behalf of someone else are permitted.

  • All required caption, personal and technical information must be supplied by the photographer on the requested platform and any further verification where and when required by the organizers.

  • Photographers must obtain all and any permission necessary and where required in their private capacity to photograph any subject matter, be it human or animal, before entering the competition.

  • Kgalagadi lodge and or any of its associates, members, owners or sponsors will bear no legal responsibility for images published in any media, print or social. Failure to obtain relevant permissions which might hamper the flow of the competition might lead to immediate disqualification.

  • The organizers do not retain copyright to your photographs outside of the Kgalagadi photography and Joe's camera structure (Kgalagadi monthly feature, social media posts, and advertisements.) Your photograph can be used to further advertise the competition and the related social media platforms such as facebook but be credited with your details when and wherever featured.

  • Monthly finalist winners will be announced and featured on the social media pages.


  • If your image has won, or placed, in any previous photographic competition, information thereof must be declared upon entry. Similarly, images that have been published, either in print or online, must be accompanied by a declaration (please include details of publication and date). Judges reserve the right to exclude any images deemed to have been used or appeared in public extensively.

  • If your image is chosen for publication by another entity after having been selected as a finalist in this competition, please notify the Team immediately through contact us page on this website.

  • You may not enter the same image into the competition more than once unless in colour when black and white or visa versa.

  • Photographers can enter a maximum of 5 images per month of around 1 megabyte each for the duration of the competition.

Subject matter

  • Only subject matter taken in and around the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (for this competition) territory and immediate surroundings are eligible for entry.

  • Harassment of both people and animals or destruction of the environment in pursuit of an image will not be tolerated.

  • Images will be rejected should there be any baiting and/or manipulation of animal behavior to the advantage of the photographer. Animals must be free-roaming and not held in captive or restrictive environments, even for rehabilitation purposes.

  • Images taken from hides will be accepted.

Image editing

  • Artistic interpretations are allowed to be entered but images must accurately and realistically represent the natural world and specifically the Kgalagadi. We will request the original RAW or JPEG file if any queries arise.

  • A artistic category will be open from this year.

Terms and conditions

  1. Prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternatives are available.

  2. Prizes will be announced on Kgalagadi photography platforms. Facebook, and Joe's camera on YouTube.

  3. Winner must have valid travel documents (passport, required visas and relevant health certificates) and insurance where applicable.

  4. The closing date for entries. Click here. The judges cannot accept responsibility for late entries.

  5. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  6. All entrants’ information will be used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  7. Multiple winners may be subject to a tie-break to decide an outright winner.

  8. Kgalagadi Lodge may re-allot prizes if we are unable to contact selected winners. Please ensure that you provide the correct contact details.

  9. Prizes not claimed within three months will be forfeited.

  10. Any deviation from the rules and/or attempt to manipulate the outcome of the prize will result in disqualification.

  11. The winner’s details and winning photograph may be released, performed or displayed to the public by Kgalagadi Lodge /Kgalagadi or the sponsors of this prize. The winner’s details will be credited alongside the photograph wherever featured.

  12. By entering into this competition it is deemed that you have read and understood these rules.

  13. The organizers reserve the right to not award any prizes if the standard of images entered is not of a suitable standard and fit for purpose or display.

  14. The entrants give permission for Joe's Camera YouTube channel for photographic tutoring, discussions and critique

  15. Your photograph can be used to further advertise the competition and the related social media platforms such as facebook but be credited with your details when and wherever featured.


Joe Lategan and selected crew per month

Prizes for PhotographingSA  Photo Competition 2023. Note that the prizes are now for the overall competition and not for Kgalagadi entries only. So the best 30 images of 2023 Kgalagadi competition go through to the Overall competition.

  1. First six finalists and their partners win a special inclusive weekend function, accommodation and food sponsored by Kgalagadi lodge . At the event the winner out of the 6 will be announced. Also the winner will be given a page on kgalagadi photography website with 10 images, a video interview , artists statement etc.

  2. The winner will receive; R10000 cash, 3 nights weekend during finalist function and a additional 3 nights accommodation for a couple by Kgalagadi lodge . 15 % discount on accommodation at the lodge for the following year. A Enlargement of the winning image to be displayed on the winning wall in the Black Mane restaurant at the lodge until the new image of the following year has been announced. Top three images of the winning photographer to be on display in a gallery at the lodge and offer for sale. Also added to images for sale on the website. 15% off all enlargements done for the following year. 15% discount on all framing done in the following year. A web page within the main page. Assistance in marketing of photographer as well as assistance in all photographic matters for the next year. 

  3. Second place will receive the prize winning weekend inclusive of food as well as R1000 cash and two nights additional accommodation at the lodge and a Black Mane butcher box and a A2 canvas to be displayed on winners wall at the lodge.

  4. Third place will receive the prize giving weekend accommodation and food as well as R500 cash and additional evening accommodation at the lodge as well as a A4 canvas of the images displayed on the winners wall at the Black Mane restaurant.

  5. Further The top 3 photographers will be provided an unique opportunity to Exhibit their image of mounted A3 size on the shelve at lodge gallery and offer it for sale. .

  6. The winner of the best male lion image will receive a meal for two sponsored by Black Mane restaurant at the lodge.

  7. Winners of the categories will receive 25% discount on accommodation at the lodge to be taken not at peak times. Ending 1 December 2023

  8. Note that a category winner does not automatically go through as the overall final six. Category winners will only apply if images are strong enough to be awarded a prize.

Note: All prizes are at judges discretion will be final and where images are not strong enough for a prize a prize will not be awarded.

All entrants agree that the images entered can be used by the owners of Kgalagadi photography, Joes Camera and Kgalagadi Lodge , but with specific credits given to photographers. We will only use these for marketing these platforms. All other projects will be shared with photographers. 

Prize giving: At the Kgalagadi Lodge and Country lodge Upington

Dates: (exact dates to be announced) 


Rules and general information

2022 competition

Monthly finalists 2022 competition

sponsored by, Kgalagadi lodge and Joe's camera on youtube

In this new format we will do the finalists as well as critique videos and all other information around the monthly competitions .
December 2021 Finalists

Dec 2021

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A bit late but as the entries are also slow during December we will catch up at the end of January for quicker selections. Keep entry.

January 2022 finalists

Jan 2022

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February 2022 Finalists

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March 2022 finalists

Mar 2022

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April 2022 Finalists

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May 2022 finalists

May 2022

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Jun 2022 Finalists

Jun 2022

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March 2022 finalists

Jul 2022

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best images2021 competition

Album of best images 2021 competition

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