Dedicated to those that through their photography promote the kgalagadi OR Kalahari eco system

Portal for Kgalagadi or Kalahari  Photography community  

The Kgalagadi photography platform aims to market the Kgalagadi region of Namibia, Botswana and South African zones within, as a preferred and sustainable International Photographic destination through inspiring to capture world class images. Also to ad value to the photographers to the Kgalagadi Parks both in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana through community building  that can assist with the Transfrontier  management plan as stakeholders by  assisting with conservation, communication, community, cultural and economic development by providing information, value and assistance in amongst others through.

  • Assist photographic Tourists planning to visit the Kalahari region, Kgalagadi park, and other tourist destinations on route and around 

  • Photographic competitions

  • Information for photographers from beginners, serious and professional,

  • Recommended Accommodation through discounts and video,

  • Recommended Restaurants through discounts and visuals,

  • recommended 4x4 hire,

  • Recommended Outdoor equipment and more  on route and around the Park.

  • Book Online coaching and consultation sessions on travel, wide range of photographic subjects like how to photograph species and animal species itself.  

  • Providing visual content that promote the Kalahari region's natural resources and people  around the Transfrontier park through images, social media and video.

Wildlife photographers page

Products and services for photographers in , around and on route to Kgalagadi Kalahari region.

Get your special discount code from us and mention at the business when you book or purchase 

CLICK ON IMAGE- Sponsored by ; Kgalagadi lodge, ORMS,  Joe's Camera . Image : Gerhardt Theron

Wildlife Photo competition. R150 000 worth of prizes.

The annual Kgalagadi photo competition is slowly growing into one of the most exclusive competitions for wildlife photographers. Monthly critiques on entries are produced on "Joe's camera" YouTube channel. Subscribe to get updates. Entries are emailed to or any of the referred mails from this website.." It is recommended to post them on the facebook page as well but not compulsory. The competition is unique in that it amongst others provides a platform for top photographers to market and also sell their work.

Interesting articles, Tips, news

CLICK ON IMAGE-Latest article; When can a photographer make an  image a collectable or limited edition 1. 

Interesting Articles, tips news 

The articles, news or tips for photographers by photographers or conservation authorities or general lovers of the kgalagadi about the kgalagadi and beyond serves to further add to the value of the website.

Kgalagadi on video

CLICK ON IMAGE- Joe's camera 

Kgalagadi video playlist

Joe's camera has a kgalagadi photography playlist and various playlists for photographers and kgalagadi nature lovers . 

Masterclass Photographers

CLICK ON IMAGE- Pro Video content for photographers

Masterclass for wildlife  photographers

Photographic tips for the general photographer to the professional. 

CLICK ON IMAGE-Unique maps for kgalagadi photography


We have compiled a few unique Google maps only for kgalagadi photography community and will constantly build on these.

General info

CLICK ON IMAGE-General info and guide

General info & guide

Some general information about the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park such as entry gates, camps, shops, fuel, and general info.


CLICK ON IMAGE- Accommodation (under construction)

Recommended Accommodation

Special rates for accommodation for kgalagadi photographers.

Restaurants, shops fuel stops on route Kgalagadi

CLICK ON IMAGE- Restaurants, shops , fuel stops ( under construction)

Restaurants, shops, fuel stops on route

Recommendations and special rates at restaurants.

Kgalagadi photographic safaris


 Guided Photographic safaris 

Guided photographic services and special rates.

local communities


Local communities

There are a few communities in and around the Park but The culture of ancient Khomani san people around the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park is in urgent need for preservation. Kgalagadi Photographers can help

Butcheries and groceries


Meat and groceries

Selected butchers and food supplies . (Advertise here)

Joe Lategan Prints for sale


Prints/wall art for sale shipping anywhere on earth

select from a online gallery or my gallery at the Kgalagadi Lodge

Outdoor equipment. Under construction

Outdoor equipment suppliers. (Advertise here)

Other activities under construction

There are a wide variety of activities in and around the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park besides game drives. 

4x4 hire

4x4 hire and shuttles from Upington airport. Under construction

List of services and special rates

Photographic equipment. Under construction

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Contact us for more info or advertisement if you want to provide discounts to photographers. We give Free listing for discounts to photographers.

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THE Kalahari and Kgalagadi

The Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari desert is a large semi desert, arid sandy savanna in Southern Africa extending for 900000 sq. km covering much of Botswana , Parts of Namibia and South Africa. 
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park situated within the Kalahari  is characterized by vast arid landscapes with red dunes, sparse vegetation and camel thorn trees. Animals tend to gather in the dry river beds and waterholes....

A wildlife  Photographers' Heaven

The Kalahari and specific the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park adjacent Namibia and Botswana area is considered as one of the best places for wildlife photography. In wild rugged terrain with the smoothest of backgrounds, because of the wide open dry river beds. Capturing wild with the most beautiful landscapes is what every photographer hunts for and this is exactly what the area delivers. The sky is the limit if it comes to photography in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. exceptional world class Wildlife, Landscape, Astro & Macro Photography opportunities are all available in this arid region... 
Kgalagadi Black mane LionBlack backed jackalKgalagadi SpringbuckKgalagadi photography twee rivierenLeopard of the kgalagadiKgalagadi cheetahKgalagadi sunsetjackal with steenbuck kill