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Khomani San

Khomani San

Original people of the Kgalagadi

As a photographers community using the Kgalagadi or Kalahari to showcase our talent we need to start seeing the importance of preserving their culture for future generations. We are probably the last generation that will still see traces of this ancient culture. To this end we will launch and manage projects that will assist this community as well as the other communities in and around the Kgalagadi transfrontier park.

Khomani San projects

Projects launched and in planning phase

I have seen that over the decades I visited the Park a deterioration of the bushman culture and felt it my responsibility to do my little part in preserving if not the whole culture, at least a few families. The projects listed below is some of my own initiatives and would welcome support or should you want to ad projects or specific assistance. .


Goats and donkeys

Just an example of how we can help as photographers; Tokkie is a bushman that worked as a well known tracker for many conservation legends in the park like Elias Le Riche, Dawie De Villiers and Prof Eloff amongst others and I have personally had the honour of spending time with him in the bush sleeping between the Lions and fixing fences and windmills. Tokkie took a package when Elias Le Riche retired. Around 2017 and I purchased a few goats and donkeys for a bushman that is from the original families discovered in the Park by the Le Riches and his wider family when I discovered that they were staying in the dunes with basically no support besides the government grant bordering the Kalahari gemsbok park. A simple agreement was drawn up next to the fire that basically stated the goats that were from the original stock belongs to us and we will share all the newcomers. They could eat a goat whenever they were hungry and had to. Knowing I would not or wasn't intended to expect returns I watched the situation and supported them financially from time to time as for them not to eat all the goats. Today there are much more goats especially after the good rains and they haven't been hungry most important. The family is growing and their grand children now need school uniform and related. The donkey car that is used to collect water 5 km away constantly breaks down to mention but a few obstacles. The kids and grand children must also be transported to Welkom 12 km's away from their dune hut. Clothing, old cell phones and things we take for granted can help them.

Education and arts

Schools, culture, arts & education

We are in the process of assisting in new educational programs and will need sponsors. Nothing large. More about it soon.

It is imperative that kids with artistic talents and have a passion for culture like traditional dances, bush medicine, drawing, singing and acting be given all the support for them to be able to nurture their talents.

To this end Kgalagadi photography with Joe's camera and the Kgalagadi lodge will be launching a talent competition that will cover all these aspects within this year at the Welkom primary school. Talks with Educators and the Lodge have started and we will be following up in early February. we would also like to do similar in the Botswana schools just a stone throw away across the fence. These communities are vital in the joint Transfrontier conservation plan. More detail soon.

We will be looking for partners through sponsors of the education program as well as prizes for the various talent competitions or programs. You will receive mileage through Joe's camera as well as on this and all the other social media partners for a whole year. Contact us should you wish to get involved.

Donate clothes, toys and house goods to Welkom school

Donate clothes, toys and household goods.

We started a process through Joe's camera on YouTube to ask Photographers traveling to the Kgalagadi to drop off clothes, toys and any extra goods at the Kgalagadi lodge just before the gate for the Welkom primary school. They in turn hand it the the School. If you want to do so just write your name on the box so we can see who the donor is should you wish.


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